Cultural Safety In Maternity Care

” Manisha is both powerful and gentle which created a safe space and an excellent training and to train and absolutely encourages and supports learning and reflection. “

Cultural Safety in Maternity Care - In house training - Support Me CIC

We're now offering our training in-house to organisations

All of our cultural safety training has been developed by Manisha Sheth, co-founder of Support ME. She has lived experience of perinatal mental health as well as years of experience in counselling and advocating for families during perinatal period. Manisha also has extensive experience in delivering Cultural Competency & Safety training for maternity care.

The trainings will not be another tick-box exercise, but will be delivered in a reflective workshop style, encouraging open and honest dialogue around race, ethnicity, culture and religion in relation to maternity care.

All workshops are delivered in small groups to facilitate a safe space and include a 12-month post-training reflection. We also offer follow-up consultations and further training if required.

We recommend all professionals working within maternity attend our training, including midwives, obstetricians, leadership teams and those involved in pastoral care. We also invite universities to consider this training for their faculty and students, especially those involved in midwifery and obstetrics.

Why you NEED this training for your organisation


One of the objective is to 'Improve equity for mothers and babies' after they found “multiple structural and other biases exist in UK maternity care”.


MBBRACE reports have continuously & clearly that Black women are 4 x times more likely to die during maternity, and Asian women twice.


2 of the 5 call to actions from the Birth Rights Inquiry are "commit to being an anti-racist organisation" & "create safe inclusive workforce cultures".

We facilitate a safe space so attendees will leave our training with:

→ Deeper understanding of their own biases

→ Knowledge on the importance of offering culturally safe maternity care

A clear path to start developing themselves personally and professionally

→ Steps to continue professional development beyond the training

→ More confidence in their role and tools to help them to continue to develop professionally

Cultural Safety in Maternity Care - In house training - Support Me CIC

Current Trainings Available:

Culturally Safe & Responsive Maternity Care

We’re so excited to be taking interest for our new 1-day training on Culturally Safe & Responsive Maternity Care (CSRMC) launching early 2024. This will be either online or in-person exploring:

→  What cultural safety is and why it’s important

The impacts on maternity care

How to be more culturally responsive

Concrete steps towards being more culturally safe and responsive in your role

Supporting Muslim Families

This is a 1-day training consisting of Level 1 & 2 of our current training on Supporting Muslim Families. This will be either online or in-person exploring:

Basics of Islamic beliefs and Muslim practices

Impacts on maternity care

How to support Muslim families during birth and the postnatal period.

Family dynamics

Miscarriage and infant loss. 

Perinatal mental health

For more information or to make a booking, complete the form below:

” Manisha made it feel like a really safe place and non-intimidating topic. You could see the genuine passion she has for this area. “