Who We Are

Volunteer-led, birth-inspired.

Support ME Maternal Project CIC was founded by Anna Rutkowska and Manisha Sheth in May 2021 and run by a diverse team of dedicated volunteers. Most of our team are from different minority ethnic communities who speak a range of languages, from Urdu to Polish and have a shared belief that all communities should have equal access to evidence-based education and non-judgmental support during the perinatal journey.

We are birth workers, mothers and volunteers who share a passion to improve perinatal and birth care for all communities as well as acknowledging and accepting their cultural practices. We are here to create a safe and inclusive space by offering culturally-appropriate support and guidance.

We offer antenatal, birth and postnatal support including pregnancy care, birth doula support and helping families manage their anxieties and emotions. One of our main focuses is on the prevention and healing of perinatal mental and emotional wellbeing.

We primarily but not exclusively offer support to those from a Minority Ethnic community who:

  • Have English as their second language
  • Are first-time parents and anxious about navigating the maternity system
  • Have experienced birth trauma
  • Are struggling with their emotional or mental health
  • Are pregnant after loss or infertility
  • Have had or are having problems with breastfeeding

We are dedicated to supporting the families who are the least supported or have had a previous difficult experience with maternity care. 

We are here to reduce the disparity of care received by disadvantaged communities and bridge the gap so they can confidently engage with healthcare as well as have their culture and choices respected.

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, which means all of our profits are kept within the organisation to improve services; so the sole purpose is for the community to benefit. We are always looking for volunteers and ambassadors to join us to share their knowledge, skills and expertise to create change.